Foundation Stage 2 class



Mrs Haywood Class Teacher
Miss McCauley Class Teacher
Ms Hepworth Teaching Assistant
Mrs Howes Teaching Assistant



Someone is always available if you have any concerns or need any help! Catch us in the morning for any quick queries or if you need a bit more time after school is best. Alternatively you can always phone the school or email the office.



• Book bags need to be in school every day
• Named PE Kit (PE Wednesdays)


There is no formal homework in Foundation Stage but we would encourage you to read with your child daily. This need not be their own reading book but sharing and discussing a lovely story or non-fiction book. 


We are very aware that a day in Foundation Stage can be extremely busy and therefore no homework is set. However the reading of stories to your child is a super way to support their learning! Choose a book together, look at and talk about the front cover. Who is the author? Where is the title of the book? What do they think the story will be about?
As you share your book stop to look at the illustrations and ask questions about what has happened and what might happen. Encourage your child to use the correct tense in their discussion. Can they recognise any words? Any letters? If there is a nice easy decodable word can they help you?
Games of I Spy are great for encouraging phonics. Learn those nursery rhymes- rhyme is a vital part of hearing and recognising phonic patterns.
In maths work on counting up to 20 and beyond. Can your child recognise numbers to 20? Play 1 more than and 1 less than on numbers to 20. Look for shapes around the house. Squares, circles, rectangles, triangles or hexagons! Look for solid shapes too- we concentrate on cubes, cuboids and cylinders. (Tins in the cupboard are a great example of cylinders!)
All this can be done incidentally when you’re out and about or at home!



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We always focus our teaching and provision on the Children's interests which means that we cover a wide variety of subjects. At the moment, we have been using Space as our topic because the children have expressed interest in it. If your child has shared any of their learning with you at home, please could you add this as an observation on Tapestry. We have also found that the "Bursting Table" is a good way of sharing any objects from home that are of interest to your child.

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