At Silverstone CE Primary School, maths is taught across the curriculum in a practical and relevant way. Our children enjoy using technology and equipment to enhance their understanding. 

We are always striving to improve our mathematical knowledge through applying our skills in a range of ways. To help us with this we think it is crucial that our children learn the four rules of maths (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). This begins with simple counting and number bonds in FS2 to factors, multiples, square and prime numbers in upper KS2. 

To support this at home we have developed at timestable challenge and awards system. This not only looks at simple counting in multiples but extends to divisions too. Under the National Curriculum 2014 all children should leave Year 4 knowing their tables up to 12x. Please see the documents on this page for more information and ways to support your child. 


In Year 1, we have been learning about weight. The children have been busy weighing some of our classroom objects!