Remote learning can be challenging at the best of times and we recognise that you may not be able to support your children with their learning throughout the whole day.  However, it is our expectation that children engage with all remote learning tasks and for the majority of the lessons they should be able to work independently. 

 Day 1 Self Isolation

This is to be used on the first day of self isolation, once your child is well enough to learn.

  1. Notify the school that your child is self isolating and at the same time tell us if your child is well enough to continue learning at home.
  2. If your child is well - start the Day 1 Isolation Learning Pack
  3. If your child is unwell -  do not start the lsolation Learning Pack until they would be 'well enough to return to school in normal circumstances'.  Please notify the school on the day they are accessing this pack so we can prepare the 'Remote Learning Pack' for the remainder of their isolation period.


Remote Learning - English and Maths

Zoom Links

  • Zoom links will be sent to the parent email address

Zoom for Reception and Year 1

  • Reception and Year 1 are not using zoom for English and maths lessons as this approach is not as effective for children in these year groups.
  • Reception have a zoom catch up 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Year 1 have a daily zoom session for reading.

Zoom for Year 2/3/4/5/6

  • Year 2/3/4/5/6 will use zoom for most English and maths lessons
  • Sometimes zoom is not suitable for the English and maths lesson due to the content of the lesson. In these situations, teachers will provide the children with an alternative independent task.
  • Regular communication from your child’s teacher will provide clarity on when you need to join the lesson via zoom.

Communication Directly from Teachers

  • All communication, with instructions and resources, will come directly from your child’s teacher to the parent email address.
  • KS2 children – parents could receive two separate emails as your child may be with a different teacher for maths.


Remote Learning - Afternoon lessons

  • Zoom is not used for any foundation subject during the afternoon. In all year groups, the afternoon lessons are to be completed independently at home.

KS1 – Year 1/2

  • Your child’s teacher will email you with the resources and instructions for each lesson.
  • Children will bring completed work back with them upon their return to school.

KS2 – Year 3/4/5/6

  • Foundation subjects are all located on the right hand side of this page.
  • Please start from day 1 and complete the lessons listed for each day. Most of these lessons are from ‘Oak Academy’ and link with the current learning for each class.
  • Children will bring completed work back with them upon their return to school.


Remote Learning Documents