Opening times:

Breakfast club - 7:45am - 8.50am (breakfast served before 8:20am)

After-school club - 3.15pm - 6.00pm



Breakfast club - £4.00

After-school club - £7.50



Mrs Amy Hibberd - Manager

Mrs Sherri McGill

Mrs Miriam Sarson

Mrs Stella Green

Mrs Trish Wootton

Mrs Nichola Howse


What we do: Breakfast club

We offer before school care for parents who need to get to work a little earlier. We offer breakfast consisting of a variety of cereals and toast dependent upon your child's choice, and free play of your child's choice until it is time to walk to school, where upon your child will be delivered safely into the hands of the teachers.


What we do: After-school club

We offer care to children whose parents are unable to pick them up from school due to work or personal commitments.  We will pick your child up from their classroom and walk with them to the After-school club hall where we will offer a variety of activities and play equipment to entertain your child.  We offer a healthy snack at 4.30pm to keep your child topped up until you take them home for tea. Our play/activities include:

  • Messy play using a variety of media

  • Outdoor play (unrestricted by weather)

  • Club sport (an outside agency provides sports for the children)

  • Creative activities

  • Group games and activities

  • A variety of toys and games to play with either alone, with a friend or in a group.